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The Great Wexford Pumpkin Patch

The Wexford Great Pumpkin Patch is back for the second year!

This year, students were invited to decorate pumpkins using inspiration from this year's school book, Knight Owl, creating dragons, princesses, owls and pizza. 

Knight Owl is a story about a young owl with dreams of becoming a knight and how unkind words and actions can make others feel about their unique aspirations. Connections are made to students' recess interactions; choosing to include each other or isolating a peer through words or their actions. Discussions surrounding the book and RAMS Way have focused on student's own thought bubbles and speech bubbles filled with curiosity and questions to develop a deeper understanding about each other or to resolve a misunderstanding as a solution.

Pumpkins were on display throughout October and then were repurposed as food for local pigs or composted in the garden.

pumpkins on a table