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Pop Artist Michael Albert Visits Wexford

Pop artist Michael Albert visited Wexford Elementary on April 5, where he talked to students about his career. He showed pictures of his work, sharing stories behind the projects, and talked about the cereal box collages for which he is most well-known. Following his presentation, Mr. Albert worked with students in a hands-on collage workshop. 

Mr. Albert is an American pop artist known for his unique approach to creating art by using recycled materials. Mr. Albert began his artistic journey at an early age and eventually developed a style that incorporates a variety of found objects such as cereal boxes and other types of packaging. His work often features bright colors and bold imagery and has been exhibited throughout the United States. 

Over the last several weeks, Ms. Jennifer Jankowski, art teacher, collected donations of cereal and snack boxes from Wexford families. Students collaboratively created colorful signs constructed entirely of recycled materials to welcome Mr. Albert. During the workshop, students chose a box to use for their collage in the style of Mr. Albert. Students then cut the boxes into shapes of their choice and glued the pieces to sheets of tag board to create their own new designs. 

Students watched Michael Albert create a custom piece of collage art for Wexford Elementary School. He also created four coloring pages for our students.

Learn more about Michael Albert and see his work at