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School Builds Plant Wall

Students by Plant Wall Hance Elementary School has a new addition to its front lobby - an indoor plant wall. The indoor plant wall is all a part of the PA Healthy Schools initiative.  Students, staff, and the PTO pitched in to create the plant wall. The PTO and Mr. Borgen helped students with the plants. Mrs. Jankowski helped with the signs. The indoor plant wall is all a part of the PA Healthy Schools initiative. 

Hance Elementary School was named to the Pennsylvania Healthy Schools Honor Roll in 2019. A team of teachers, staff, parents, and students were involved in applying for the recognition program this past spring.  Healthy Schools PA Program Coordinator Kara Rubio, representing the Women for a Healthy Environment organization, visited Hance to recognize the school on June 6, 2019. Schools named to the honor roll are recognized for taking strides to create a green and healthy learning environment for their school and community. The announcement was made at an assembly for students and staff. The third-grade student leaders accepted the recognition on behalf of the team.  PA Healthy Schools team members at Hance included parents Jessica Taylor and Nicole McDonnell; teachers Misty Smith, Lisa Burnsworth, and Jennifer Jankowski; counselor Tammy Godino; custodian Jeff Reidenbach; Maintenance Supervisor Bruce Riemer;  and Principal Greta Kuzilla.

Ms. Kuzilla said that she is extremely proud of Hance’s PA Healthy Schools Committee.

“We worked diligently as a team to work to not only complete the application process but also set meaningful goals for the upcoming 19-20 school year,”  said Hance Elementary School Principal Greta Kuzilla. “ It's important for Hance Elementary to maintain a healthy environment in regard to sustainability, as well as other areas so that we can focus on learning for every student every day by creating an optimal atmosphere. The committee is interested in expanding for next year to include students for their feedback and input.  We hope to incorporate their voices into our goals as well.”