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Hance Participates in Read Aloud Day

Rams Way Hance Second-grade teachers and students at Wexford Elementary School and Hance Elementary School hosted World Read Aloud Day on February 5, 2020.
At Hance Elementary School, Teacher Ann Fetterman invited some special guests including superintendent Brian Miller to read.
"To celebrate this awesome day with our students, we asked students to participate in dressing up like a character," said Wexford Elementary Teacher Michelle Franitti. "We are having students then guess the character that day.  So it's a secret! This will allow us to talk about various books and characters in our classroom that day.  Some teachers will also be participating!"
Parents also stopped by to read and one familiar face was dressed up as a special character.
Wexford students read aloud day
According to LitWorld, the organization founded World Read Aloud Day in 2010 as an "opportunity for people all around the globe to celebrate the joy of reading aloud and advocate for literacy as a fundamental human right that belongs to everyone."

Over the last 10 years, World Read Aloud Day has evolved into a global movement of millions of readers, writers, and listeners from communities all across the world coming together to honor the joy and power of reading and sharing stories and continue expanding the definition and scope of global literacy.

Millions of people in over 170 countries participate in the global program.