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Team Takes 2nd in County

Team The Pine-Richland Middle School National Academic League had an outstanding competition season and earned second place in Allegheny County.

Both PRMS Counselor Jennifer Mullaugh and Teacher Anne Harris-Crowe, sponsors of the program, were wowed by how the students really stood out as a team.

“The best part about our team this year was that there was never one stand out kid,” they said. “Every game highlighted some of our players but every game came down to the kids working together. Each kid was truly a superstar this year.”
This year’s team members included eighth-graders Mustafa Adeel, Hayden Conley, Ella Guo, Jack Harris, Ian Stanley Hurt, Rocco Jarvis, Aiden Jones, Patrick Jones, Yuvraj Kaloya, Tamonash Karthikeyan, Michael Lattari, Alexander Melby, Avyukta Nagrath, Luke Ridgeway, Phoenix Schwierking, Yash Shah,  Arvin Venk, and Alexander Wesolosky and seventh-graders Benjamin Crocco, Prisha Dargan, Luke Jancy,  Owen Jones, Eliza Lazzaro, Jillian Uzelac, and Siena Yoon.

In the first quarter of the competitions, students use strategy to keep possession of a sequence of short-answer questions.  In the second quarter, players learn teamwork as they huddle to answer a complex question in one minute.  Within the third quarter, players tackle complex, real-world problems, and then present their solutions. They score points for organization, content, critical thinking, and presentation. Finally, in the fourth quarter, players join in a fast-paced one-on-one speed contest that can result in a free-for-all.