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Family Helps Others During Pandemic

Making Masks Amid the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, one family is using their extra time at home to help others. The Morris family is making homemade masks out of cotton.

 “This is heavy-duty medical-grade polyester,” said Rose Morris. “It is wicking material, anti-microbial, and a stronger tighter weave than cotton so in theory should catch more particles. Cotton absorbs moisture so all of the moisture from your breath can saturate the cotton and therefore grow harmful bacteria.”

Ms. Morris said that her children eight-grader Abram and sixth-grader Macie helped along with their friend Ryleigh to make masks for Bethany Hospice. They hope to make 300 in total. Other organizations have reached out to the family for help.  Facemasks

“We have had so many volunteers asking to help so getting kits ready is a huge help,” said Ms. Morris.

Ms. Morris said that they are asking for volunteers to sew and then return the masks so the family can finish with metal binding.

They are looking for anyone who has a thin wire-floral, craft, or bread ties, etc. Email her at MEDICALMASKS@ABRAMSNATION.COM to find out drop-off information.