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Read about our May Students of the Month

Congratulations to our May  Students of the Month as we celebrate them virtually!


Team 7A:  Congratulations to Heath Cwynar, who is this year's final student of the month on Team 7A. Throughout the year, Heath has worked extremely hard in all his classes. The school building closure in March didn't change a thing as Heath has continued to be fully engaged in all his remote learning activities throughout the fourth quarter. Heath is conscientious and diligent in all his work. He treats everyone -- classmates and teachers alike -- with kindness and respect. Thanks, Heath, for all that you do to help Team 7A Raminate the Future.  

Team 7B:  Lauren Marsilio. Lauren is one of those people that everyone loves. She is always on her A game. She is an amazing student and an even more incredible person. Lauren works incredibly hard and is always pushing herself to be even better. Lauren is always pleasant and caring. She is always willing to reach out to a class mate in need. Team 7B miss our students and Lauren is one of the best. 

Team 7C:  Will Tamburri is our team's student of the month.  Will has a level of maturity that is impressive for a 7th grade student.  He continued to show a high level of responsibility and respect when we changed to remote learning.  In the classroom, Will was kind to his peers and always willing to participate and added great depth to any discussion.  Will also possesses a sense of humor that all of the teachers enjoy!  We miss you, Will, and you will be fantastic in 8th grade!

Team 8A:  Team 8A nominates Aiden Jones for our May Student of the Month.  Aiden has sought help when he needed it, worked hard to complete all his assignments, and has maintained a positive attitude throughout our online learning environment.  It’s been an adjustment for everyone, but Aiden has really risen to the challenge.  Thank you for doing such a great job, Aiden! 

Team 8B:  Team 8B has a tie for their May Student of the Month!  The first student we want to recognize is Morgan Cappola. Morgan has continued to be an exceptional student in the virtual learning environment. She turns in exemplary work, even at a time where it is easy to do enough to simply get by. Morgan was a model student for the entire year and has not skipped a beat through this transitional time. Her team really admires the effort she has put forth and it has not gone unnoticed. She has built a solid foundation in all of her classes that will undoubtedly lead to a smooth transition into high school. We miss seeing Morgan's smile and her contagious personality every day, but she has remained an impressive role model for her peers.

As co-student of the month, Team 8B would also like to recognize Quinn Martin.  Quinn has been an outstanding student the fourth nine weeks, and has thrived in our Virtual Learning Environment.  He consistently completes his work at a quality level.  He has made tremendous strides academically this year and we anticipate his success will carry over to the high school.  Good luck Quinn!

Team 8C:  Team 8C is excited to honor Grant Waltrip as our student of the month!  Grant has consistently demonstrated PR PRIDE the entire school year! He is funny but respectful to his peers and teachers. He always turns in his work on time and it is of the highest quality.  Grant also demonstrates a positive attitude and has wonderful insights. He works well with any student and is a valuable contributor in all of his classes.  Congratulations, Grant! 

Unified Arts (From Mrs. Graham - FCS):  Jessica Albertson. Jessica is the perfect FCS student. In both years of FCS class, she has exceeded expectations. Jessica always hands in her assignments on-time, emails questions and comments about assignments, and always completes the extra credit assignments. Her work is always well done. Jessica doesn't cut corners on her assignment tasks and always gives that little extra that makes her work and enthusiasm stand out from other students.  Congratulations, Jessica! 

World Language Dept (From Mrs. Kelly - French):  Nadia Hines.  Nadia makes a positive impression on you from the minute she enters the class on the first day.  She radiates positivity and enthusiasm which spreads to other students.  She is extremely bright and enjoys learning as well as her relationship with teachers.  Nadia always says thank you after each lesson.  Everyone is welcome in her group as she always makes sure everyone has a partner.  Nadia is a leader by example and she has been a pleasure to have in our World Language classes.