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Students Participate in Chip Challenge

Chip Challenge Fourth-grade students are taking on the ultimate challenge of designing packages for chips under the direction of GATE teachers Jennifer Kopach and Joanna Sovek.

Students are each sending a single Pringle potato chip through the mail to students at North Allegheny. They are challenged to create the best possible package to protect the chip.

Most of the students get a kick out of the challenge and are highly successful in their design and packaging.

Students were able to use a variety of materials except for glass, wood, metal, hard plastic, packing peanuts or bubble wrap.   The packaging was required to fit in a 9x13 envelope.

The big idea for the engineering project was to apply science concepts to the creation of something useful. The project helped involved students understanding and minimizing the forces acting on an object with the package design.

After the design and shipping phase is complete, Pine-Richland students will video conference with students at North Allegheny on November 1, 2019. Their counterparts at NA will receive the students’ packages and open them as them to reveal if they have survived the transport via their special packaging through the US Postal Service.

Some students have been busing reworking their designs including Sonaya Aurora and Soha Garg, who said they were making their designs more triangular and stand taller.