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Students Treated to Monster Mash

Monster Mash Eden Hall Upper Elementary School students participated in a Monster Mash.  The activity was in celebration of the entire school kicking off RAMS Way On Oct. 31, 2019. Students were challenged to earn points when they exhibited positive behavior. They met their goal and were treated to a Monster Mash program in which they played games and danced. They had the opportunity to dress up in costume.

RAMS WAY was launched in The Pine-Richland School District Department of Student Services and Special Education as an initiative to deploy a district-wide system of positive behavioral supports and interventions. The purpose is to provide an intentional and preventative approach to improve upon a positive school climate. Procedural and behavioral expectations will be intentionally communicated and taught at appropriate developmental-levels from grades K through 12.

The Rams Way will focus on developing and improving positive behaviors through the use of common, developmentally-appropriate language and expectations.

“The RAMSWay” initiative spells out the acronym for a common set of behavioral expectations, which is being shared across the district that includes:





Students will be learning what it means to be Respectful, Accountable, Motivated, and Safe in various areas of each school building, including the cafeteria, hallways, bathrooms, attendance, and the bus.