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Students Show Their Appreciation of Bus Drivers

Bus driver appreciation breakfast Eden Hall Upper Elementary School students took the time to share their appreciation and respect for their more than 30 bus drivers. This is part of the RAMS Way initiative (Respectful, Accountable, Motivated, & SAFE) aimed at helping set and achieve behavioral expectations with students.

The Eden Hall PTO, administration, and students helped prep a special breakfast for the drivers on January 29, 2020.

Assistant Principal Paula Giran helped introduce students who were selected to serve as RAMS Way ambassadors for their particular biome. Eden Hall is split into pods called biomes. Each is named after the biomes of the world (Aquatics, Grasslands, etc.)

Later on, Mrs. Giran talked about the behavioral expectations on the bus, how it is having an impact and more about dojo tickets in which the drivers can pass out to students if the students are exhibiting positive behavior outlined in the RAMS Way initiative.

Eden Hall Bus Driver Reuben Ellis says he enjoyed the special breakfast treats that students and the Parent Teacher Organization shared with students on January 29, 2020. More importantly, he says RAMS Way has been a plus.

"RAMS Way is a phenomenal tool that the school is using to help us drivers to get to know the kids, and the kids learn how to be respectful," said Mr. Ellis.

Students, like fifth-grader Emery Fossaceca. say RAMS Way is making an impact.

"I want to acknowledge my bus driver for handing out dojo points," said Emery. "I personally like being acknowledged. I like the RAMS Way because it helps with safety and keeps things in order."

Student Transportation of America representatives were on hand and were pleased to be a part of the RAMS Way program.

"STA is excited to be at Eden Hall to learn about RAMS Way," says STA Manager Colleen McAndrew.

STA Assistant Manager Andy Hartman and PR Transportation Coordinator Kim Charney also participated in the program.