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Students Excel in Math

Richland Elementary School second-grader Kiran Karthikeyan is ranked number 12 in the state in the “First In Math” Online Program. He ranked first in First in Math students Pennsylvania and among the top 50 players in 2019 as a first-grader.

So far this year, Kiran has over 16,500 stickers. First In Math is an online math program that is used by students in the lab, classroom and at home. Students earn stickers for every math activity that is completed.

Each student works at their own pace and earns stickers at their own pace. Second-graders Gage Ryer (2nd), Aiden Ro (3rd), Jackson Lion (4th), and Stella Bain (6th) round out the top five scorers at Richland Elementary School. Teacher Jan Montgomery oversees participation in the program.