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Students Flock to Fit Club

Fit Club The topic of Health and Wellness has been a big part of the superintendent's messages. He has been reinforcing the main concepts of the PR Graduate Portrait. The elementary schools have been stressing fitness through the Morning Fit Club.

For example, Morning Fit Club at Richland Elementary takes place every Thursday morning before school and was a very popular program.  Through the sessions, students are learning about:

• Developing locomotor skills
• Building full-body strength
• Improving hand-eye coordination
• Practicing good sportsmanship
• Having fun!Fit Club

These programs are also running successfully at EHUE and Hance, and stress recommendations from the Health & PE - In-Depth Program Review process that you may have been hearing about the past few years.

Interested parents register their Richland (school age) children for the morning sessions, which include structured movement and exercise in the gymnasium. 

The program is being run by parent volunteers with fitness backgrounds and staff.