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Teacher Engages Students Via Unique Lesson

Teacher (March 2020) Richland Elementary School kindergarten teacher Erica Savannah is finding creative ways to engage her young students. She says one of her weekly learning goals was to discuss problems and solutions.

She chose a story entitled Farmer Brown Shears His Sheep, written by Teri Sloat. 
"Because of our new approach to distance learning, I immediately knew I wanted to start some video read alouds," she said. "I wanted to think of a way to make it fun and meaningful for the kids.  I immediately thought of my husband's tractor!"
The teacher thought she could engage a story about a farm by sitting on farm equipment. Mrs. Savannah said that her husband's tractor has a backhoe and front loader.   
After she read the children the story, she filmed a separate video explaining our page addressing characters, setting, problem, and solution. 

You can view the story by clicking on the link below.