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Help Review Math, Science & Health Resources

On Tuesday, March 19, 2019, core and expanded team members from each committee met to conduct a final review of the vendor presentation evaluations, in-depth program review findings, community/student input, and staff feedback. Resource Review
This comprehensive evaluation process guided the committees in making the final recommendations. The resourcesalong with feedback formswill be on display for families, students and community members for review for 30 days through May 8, 2019.
The recommendations for resources to be displayed in the Northern Tier Regional Libraries (Pine Center/PRHS & Richland Center) include: 
  • AP Statistics
    • Bedford, Freeman, Worth [Copyright 2018] *New Edition will be released next year
  • College in High School Business Calculus & Business Calculus
    • Cengage Learning - An Applied Approach to Calculus 10e: Larson [Copyright 2017]
  • AP Environmental Science
    • Bedford, Freeman, Worth  [Copyright: 2019]
  • Physics Honors and Academic
    • Cengage Learning - Honors [Copyright: 2018] 
    • Glencoe/McGraw Hill - Academic [Copyright: 2017]
  • Astronomy
    • Pearson [Copyright 2018]
  • Anatomy Honors and Academic
    • Pearson/Prentice Hall - Honors [Copyright: 2019]
    • Glencoe/McGraw Hill - Academic [Copyright: 2018]
  • Health Education
    • Goodheart-Willcox Comprehensive Health - Secondary Only 6-12 [ Middle School Text [Copyright: 2019] & High School Text [Copyright: 2018]
These resources will be on display for 30 days in the DeWitt Conference Room, PRHS Library and Richland Township Library to provide our community with additional opportunities to review the resources and provide feedback.

Resource Locations