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Gifted and/or Highly Achieving Education & Social Studies Programs

District Vision
Dear Families,
Teams of teachers and administrators presented on Monday, April 29, 2019, an overview of the in-depth program review process along with the recommendations that were identified from the year-long study of the gifted and/or highly achieving program and the social studies department.
The program review was designed and refined over the past two years in effort to conduct in-depth research into department structures and curricula. In the case of gifted and/or highly achieving students, the committee researched programming design and best-practice compliance procedures. Subcommittees were formed to research the most effective trends in K-12 education. University and business partners, parents, students, and other highly achieving and innovative school districts were asked to engage in conversations related to key topics of study. The combined research was then used to guide recommendations for changes in structure, process, instructional strategies, assessments, resources, and curricula.
Vision Picture
Formal reports which include executive summaries, process design, internal and external findings, emerging recommendations, and potential short/long-term implications for Pine-Richland School District were written to guide the implementation phase of this process. Each recommendation is followed by a timeline for implementation, key personnel, major action steps needed to move the recommendation forward, and estimated budget/resource needs.
The presentation and copies of each report are available on the district’s website, under “Academics” and “In-Depth Program Reviews.”
Michael Pasquinelli, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education & Curriculum
Kristen Silbaugh, Ph.D.
Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education & Curriculum
Noel Hustwit
Director of Student Services & Special Education