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Virtual Kindercamp Available

Message for Incoming Kindergarten Families
Dear Incoming Kindergarteners & Families,
We are very much looking forward to you being with us for the 2020-2021 school year ahead and know that this enrollment and readiness experience is not exactly typical or preferred for you or for our educational team. Please know that we are committed to making this experience the best we possibly can, regardless of the method in which it is delivered. 
While we will not be able to have large groups of folks coming in for the typical assessments, which occur during KinderCamp in June, we are sharing what we can now through video compilations and links to other resources. We are tentatively planning for a face-to-face KinderCamp experience on Monday and Tuesday, August 3rd and 4th, if conditions permit us to do so safely. We ask that you hold these targeted dates if you are able to do so, understanding that there may be families with conflicting scheduled trips or are otherwise unavailable during that time. If we are unable to safely come together and obtain effective assessment data from your child during that time, we will follow up with additional communications and resources to promote readiness for all students. This will occur closer to the start of August. 
In the meantime, we do still need to place students into either the AM or PM Kindergarten classes. We know that this is important knowledge for families to have early to promote child care decisions and to assist with several other familial factors and responsibilities. We will be sending you the AM or PM placement for your child on June 26th via an eBlast specifically to you. Students’ specific teacher assignments are shared in August, just before school starts for all of our K-12 students. More information will be sent to you regarding this placement in the form of an eBlast, asking you to log into the student information system to view the teacher’s name on your child’s portal. 
Below, you will find a list of resources created to help you with the matriculation process. We typically hold face-to-face presentations with several key members of our educational team during KinderCamp. These have been converted to virtual presentations for your review, including a message from the: (1) principal; (2) nurse; (3) counselor; and (4) PTO.
Kindercamp 2020: Welcome from Hance's Principal
As a reminder, we also asked families to complete a checklist for their child to help provide us with additional information about their child’s current academic strengths and needs.
There is also a companion form for preschool teachers to complete to assist with additional insights. Below are the two forms for your convenience. They can either be mailed back to the school or emailed to the school secretaries referenced at the conclusion of the checklists. Thank you! 
We look forward to working with you in the coming year and will keep you informed of any updates we have as soon as possible. 
Many thanks in advance for your partnership!!
Greta Kuzilla, Hance Elementary Principal