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Elementary Students Share Appreciation

Board Appreciation Collage Every January, districts around Pennsylvania take time to salute nine volunteers who spend dozens of hours leading schools. You may have heard about the state’s campaign called “PA Public Schools: Success Starts Here.” The success starts with the school directors who play a significant role in creating an environment where success can happen. They lead the organization, staff, students, and community with decisions they make each month.

Each year in appreciation, the district brings to the board a glimpse into an initiative or program. This year, the district showcased RAMS Way, a districtwide positive initiative aimed at helping students how to be Respectful, Accountable, Motivated, and Save.

Students who attended the board meeting and presented included Hance Elementary second-grader Kyle Moore, Richland Elementary School second-grader Aiden Ro, and Wexford Elementary second-grader Story Wozniak, under the direction of teachers Joanna Firmin, Kathy Giegel, and Kerry Schurman.

Prior to the program, Mrs. Firmin had her students paint the butterflies and include messages on the back to serve as a reminder of why the students appreciated the directors. 

The butterfly project took flight in other forms.  Elementary students created butterflies for the PRHS Theater production "The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe." The theater classes raised money to help find a cure for a genetic disorder known as Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS). In recognition of the fundraiser, students made butterflies to adorn the high school walls near the auditorium.  Other students created butterflies, the original symbol for Autism, to give to students with autism. They had inspirational RAMS Way messages for the students.

RAMS Way is a district-wide system of positive behavioral support and intervention initiative to provide an intentional and preventative approach to improve upon a positive school climate in grades K through 12.  The Rams Way focuses on developing and improving positive behaviors through the use of common, developmentally-appropriate language and expectations. Students are learning what it means to be Respectful, Accountable, Motivated, and Safe whether they are in the cafeteria, hallway, bathroom, or bus.

Pine-Richland Education Association President Chris Vins, Pine-Richland Education Support Professionals Association Vice President Myka Lewis, EH PTO President Michelle Plowey, and Pine-Richland Opportunities Fund Executive Director Deb Lund also shared words of appreciation to the board.

The 2020 School Board is served by President Peter Lyons, Vice President Christine Misback, and Treasurer Marc Casciani, and directors: Dr. Benjamin Campbell, Mr. Greg DiTullio, Dr. Matthew Mehalik, Dr. Carla Meyer,Mr. Matthew Moye, and Mrs. Katarzyna Swope. Mrs. Barbara Williams serves as board secretary.