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Board Invited to Take Up-Close Look at Class Day

Board Visitation  As part of the Strategic Plan, the Pine-Richland School Board has established goals. One goal is to conduct annual school visitations across multiple departments, buildings and grade levels to deepen understanding and oversight of in-depth program review recommendations (e.g., elementary math resources, new course offerings, or technology integration). 

Board members have been visiting schools and stopped off at Richland and Eden Hall on January 24, 2020.  On November 15, 2019, board members visited Pine-Richland High School and Hance Elementary School. 

Board members observed the Multi-Tier System of Support process, RAMS Way, and in-depth program review recommendation implementations in business, math, and science. A

Most recently at Eden Hall, board members had a chance to learn more about Reading and Math (RAM) Time, a sixth-grade science lesson, various reading, and math courses. Visitors were able to see how students are enriched and supported. The day ended with Explore time in which they focused on chorus, band, and orchestra.

Another session will be held later this year to visit the remaining schools.