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PRMS Early Dismissal Procedures & Dropping Off Items

Early Dismissal: Please note that we have made some changes to early dismissal procedures this year. 

When your child needs an early dismissal from school, please enter an early dismissal note in Sapphire prior to the start of the school day on the day of the dismissal. Your child will be given an early dismissal pass to leave class at the time designated on your Sapphire note. Please be aware that the time you put on your note is the time that your child will leave their class, and it will take them approximately five minutes or so to get to the office after they leave class, so please plan accordingly when choosing a time for the dismissal.  

When you arrive at the school to pick up your child, please ring the buzzer at the front door and come into the office. We’ve returned to having parents physically sign-out their child rather than sending students outside to meet parents in the parking lot as we did during the pandemic. Although a little less convenient for parents, this is a much safer procedure for our students. 

If you are unable to provide prior notification about picking up your child early, please be prepared to answer questions and provide identification for unplanned early dismissals. 

Dropping Off Items: We will continue to ask parents to drop off forgotten items on the shelf inside the front door, and we will get them to your child as soon as possible. Be sure that all items are labeled with your child’s name. 

Thank you for your cooperation with these procedures.