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Early Dismissal Procedures for Illness

As a reminder, please review the proper procedure to be followed when your child becomes ill at school. Your child should go to the school nurse, Mrs. Halliday, to be assessed. If Mrs. Halliday determines that the student needs to go home, she will contact a parent/guardian directly. This procedure serves several purposes. When a student is sent home by the nurse, it is considered a medical early dismissal. Otherwise, the dismissal may become a full-day absence if the student contacts a parent directly and will miss more than 205 minutes of the school day. This procedure also helps us to be aware of who to expect on the campus at all times for safety reasons, and we don’t have to interrupt classes to call for your child with an unexpected early dismissal. 

If your child contacts you directly that they are not feeling well, please have them go to the nurse and wait for instructions from her. The nurse will then inform the office so we know who will be coming to the building. Thank you for your cooperation.