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Eden Hall Upper Elementary Parents/Guardians:

We have no greater priority than the safety of our students. With that mission in mind, I would like to offer some reminders that are implemented to create a safe and successful learning environment at Eden Hall Upper Elementary School and on the school bus. 

School Bus Expectations: 

Pine-Richland’s mission as it pertains to transportation is to provide safe student transportation and maintain conditions on our buses that are conducive to the best interests of our students. Safety, respect and courtesy are expected of all students who ride Pine-Richland school buses to and from school. The rules for safe bus behavior are listed in the Discipline Code; however, the following general behaviors are expected:

  • Classroom conduct is the accepted behavior on a school bus. This can be interpreted to mean: follow the driver’s instructions at all times, remain in your assigned seat, talk quietly to your neighbor, face forward and remain seated at all times and keep your hands /personal items to yourself.
  • Obscenities and profanity will not be tolerated on the school bus.
  • Inappropriate behaviors such as teasing, shouting, pushing, intimidation, or fighting will not be tolerated. 
  • Students are not permitted to eat or drink on the bus.

Students who do not follow this Code of Conduct will receive a bus referral and may be suspended from the school bus for a period of time. 

First violation: A warning notice, new assigned seat or bus suspension may be given to the student by the assistant principal/principal. Parents will be notified of the notice, assigned seat or the bus suspension.

Second violation: A bus suspension may be given with parent notification.

Third violation: Bus suspension with a parent/guardian meeting.

It is important for students to be reminded of these expectations. Because safety is our first priority, students will have the opportunity to ride on the district’s school buses as long as they display behavior that is safe. I appreciate your continued communication in reporting any unsafe situation so that we can work together in making our buses a safe experience for the students and drivers. 


Steven M. Smith