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Student Art on Display at the Pine Community Center

Pine-Richland's art department has started a new collaboration with Pine Community Center. Art teachers Mrs. Angeloff (Middle School), Mrs. Tronetti (Eden Hall), Mrs. Jankowski (Wexford and Hance) and Mrs. Laslavic (Richland and Hance) selected 2D student artwork from first through eighth grades to display in the community center along the track level. The art department aims to make community connections to showcase student art for the benefit of both students and the community as a whole. 

Through their In-Depth Program Review (IDPR), the art department developed a goal of connecting with the community to benefit both students and the art department. Because many community members do not have an opportunity to see student art, our art teachers wanted to ensure that the entire community had an opportunity to stop in and see what students are creating. 

Other similar efforts include elementary art students painting Pine Township snow plows last year. High school art students will paint a mural for the township bike tunnel.

Mrs. Tronetti’s fourth graders were tasked with designing a leaf and using it repeatedly in an overlapping manner. They discussed and learned the purpose of overlapping in 2D art, which creates depth on a flat plane. They finished their design with an oil pastel watercolor resist using contrast and texture. 

Artists selected include: 

  • Evan Baumberger
  • Aria Bywalski
  • Michael DeRenzo
  • Maeve Hubert
  • Cadell Wilson

Fifth graders selected an animal of choice in a silhouette form. They used digital design to identify the basic shapes of that animal to recreate it on a larger scale before adjusting the contour line. They had to create a design that used their animal, but they had freedom to embellish the animal, choose realistic or non-realistic, and choose the medium(s) they wanted. 

Artists on display include: 

  • Myriam Bell
  • Rachel Mowry
  • Aaliyah Shaw
  • Camlyn Stiscak 

Sixth graders identified basic values used in shading and explained its scientific purpose in creating dimension on a 2D plane. They designed drawings of rounded objects and used chalk pastel or pencil to add dimension. 

Artists selected include:

  • Aiden Beale
  • Logan Lippert
  • Jordyn Riley
  • Ella Schwartzbauer