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Your Generosity Is Appreciated!

Our Wexford community came together through donations and time to make a REAL difference in our community!

The PTO wants to thank everyone who donated items for Light of Light Mission, participated in Wexford R.O.C.K.S night, and donated Halloween candy. 

We also want to thank our WONDERFUL staff, who donated over 60 dozen cookies for the shelter!

Because of YOU, we were able to give to Light of Life:

  • 100 Winter Survival Bags
  • 100 Care Bag Kits
  • Over 300 bags of candy
  • Thanksgiving placemats colored by kids
  • 60 dozen cookies
  • Boxes of extra socks, toiletries, gloves, underwear, hand warmers and tissues

**Because of the large amount of Halloween Candy donated, we were able to stock the staff lounge and donate to Good Samaritan