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Pine-Richland Student Art on Display at the Pine Community Center

Pine-Richland's art department has started a new collaboration with Pine Community Center. Art teachers Mrs. Angeloff (Middle School), Mrs. Tronetti (Eden Hall), Mrs. Jankowski (Wexford and Hance) and Mrs. Laslavic (Richland and Hance) selected 2D student artwork from first through eighth grades to display in the community center along the track level. The art department aims to make community connections to showcase student art for the benefit of both students and the community as a whole. 

Through their In-Depth Program Review (IDPR), the art department developed a goal of connecting with the community to benefit both students and the art department. Because many community members do not have an opportunity to see student art, our art teachers wanted to ensure that the entire community had an opportunity to stop in and see what students are creating. 

Other similar efforts include elementary art students painting Pine Township snow plows last year. High school art students will paint a mural for the township bike tunnel.

Mrs. Jankowski’s primary student artworks are inspired by children’s literature, rooted in cultural connections and Studio Habits of Mind, and based on National Core Art Standards, the Elements of Art and Principles of Design.

Artists on display include:

  • Adelina Gao, Grade 1
    Paletero Man (Lucky Diaz) Literature Connection: Study of Color and Line
    First grade artists learned primary colors and enjoyed color mixing secondary colors in their popsicles. They created their own tracer pattern. They cut, glued and assembled lines, created their own line designs with oil pastels, and even added real popsicle sticks.
  • Myles Breen, Grade 2
    Abstract Painting for Dot Day
    Dot Day (Peter H. Reynolds) Literature Connection:  Study of Creativity, Color and Repetition
    Second grade artists studied several dot artists for International Dot Day, a day of creativity. Students used paint and their own creativity to create their own dot or dots in any style of their choice.
  • Ruby Wozniak, Grade 3
    Dot Day Mixed Media (Printmaking and Painting)
    Dot Day (Peter H. Reynolds) Literature Connection: Study of Color and Line
    Third grade artists studied several dot artists for International Dot Day, a day of creativity. Students used gelli printing plates, paint scrapers and printing ink to create unique dots with color mixing. Students studied the swirly frames of Peter H. Reynolds and painted their own frames.