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A Message from Mrs. Jankowski, Wexford Art Teacher

Earth Day is Every Day: Recycling for Art

Please save light cardboard boxes with colorful patterns and interesting designs for upcoming first, second, and third grade art projects. Boxes must be clean (no food and interior bags please).

Possibilities include any boxes from cereals, crackers, K-cups, tea, and candy. Amazon and other shipping boxes are too thick for children to safely cut and lack colorful designs for art.

Children who envision using their favorite box or boxes in art MUST write their names and class codes on the back. I will keep them in their class art boxes. If anyone wants to donate extra boxes for other students, please bring them to the art studio.

Please save recycled paper towel (not toilet paper) tubes for an upcoming first-grade project.

Thank you for supporting the Wexford Elementary Visual Arts Program!