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Wexford Named to Healthy Honor Roll


Two Pine-Richland Schools earned recognition by the Women for a Healthy Environment Healthy Schools. Education Program Specialist Michele Buford and Director of Community Education Chelsea Holmes presented awards to both schools on May 23, 2017 in separate presentations. 

At Eden Hall Upper Elementary School, students accepted the award on behalf of the school, along with Assistant Principal Joseph Domagala. Eden Hall was recognized for many points including work done by students under the direction of teachers Jennifer Kopach and Joanna Sovek through the Sustainable School Initiative. Student projects took on the theme of sustainability. Students launched a recycling project and one student created a visitor kiosk thanks to help from the Pine-Richland Opportunities Fund.
Brandon Wees created an interactive kiosk equipped with a touchscreen that provides information about Eden Hall including history, architecture and more about the green-school concept design. Mr. Domogala said the committee included Ms. Kopach and custodians Deborah Gaul and Bruce Riemer.

Wexford Elementary Wellness Committee Chairperson Parent Kristi Wees said that Wexford Elementary Wellness Committee spent some time looking at the school environment and used the Healthy Schools Recognition Program report card as a guidance tool to make Wexford a healthier place. The school tested for radon, tested the drinking water, and started a recycling program. The school also installed a garden last year in the courtyard. Those who served on the committee with Mrs. Wees and Dr. Rick Walsh were Custodian Jerry Glevicky, Secretary Janice Hoffman and teachers Joanna Firmin, Tara Hillegas and Chip Sargent. In addition, parents Rita Kastner, Elise Scott, Dan Stolnick, Lisa Carnovale, Jennifer Campbell and Mark Hunkele served on the committee and worked with Food Services Manager Diane Bucknum, Transportation & Facility Coordinator Kimberly Charney and Director of Facilities Management Gary Zang as they reviewed the PA Healthy Schools benchmarks.