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Students Participate in Interactive Physics Lesson




Class Lesson

 Lesson with Race Cars

 Race Car Lesson

Students at Wexford Elementary School had the opportunity to learn more about physics through an interactive lesson on October 13, 2017.

Second graders experimented with balance, motion and weights with the use of toy tracks, cars and other objects thanks to a special visitor. Wexford parent Ben Campbell presented the physics lesson. Dr. Campbell teaches physics at Robert Morris University and has a background in laser engineering.

Teacher Julie Seifert said that the lesson tied in with their ASSET science kit lesson on Balance and Motion. 

Dr. Campbell, who is a 1998 PRHS graduate, was able to show the students how they could hypothesis whether or not an object would go faster than another object by looking at friction and weight play a role in speed.

“We can use math to predict things that we don’t know,” Dr. Campbell said.

Second grader Gia Leone was enthralled with the lesson. 

“I learned that the shape of an object can make things go faster or slower and that friction can prevent something from going faster,” she said.