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Wexford Elementary Celebrates Read Across America

Read Across America Students Wexford Elementary hosted a week-long Read Across America celebration leading up to Dr. Seuss Birthday on March 2, 2019.  During the course of the week, students and staff celebrated different genres of books including fantasy, humor, and more. 

As a grand finale, Wexford Elementary held Poetry Slams throughout the day.  Each class chose poems to read and react to the picture.  The poems were read and the pictures were shared at the Slams.  Students also created original artwork of favorite book characters through the help of Dots and Doodles.  These will hang in a place of honor in the library, joining the student-created artwork from last year.­­

The program was hosted under the direction of teachers Katy Johnson and Darla Ferraro and Librarian Maria McCormick.