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Geography Bee Winner Named

Geo Winners Seventh-grader Chris Meyer took first place in the Pine-Richland Middle School Geography Bee, which was held on December 17, 2019, in the PRMS library. Seventh-grader Michael Lattari took second place and eighth-grader Andrew Salvadore earned third place. The annual program was coordinated by PRMS GATE Teacher Kathy Deal and retired PRMS Librarian Kathy Batykefer.   

In all, 46 PRMS seventh and eighth graders participated in the school-wide competition.  The top ten winners of the competition were awarded prizes.  Chris will be taking an online qualifying exam to determine if he will compete in the state-level competition on March 29, 2019.   One winner from the state-level competition advances to the national competition May 19-22, 2019, in Washington, DC.

Here is a look at the top 10 winners of the competition:

1st Place:  Chris Meyer (Center in Photo)

2nd Place:  Michael Lattari (Far Right in Photo)

3rd Place:  Andrew Salvadore (Far Left in Photo)

4th Place:  Tyler Pritchard

5th Place:  Baron Graham

6th Place:  Grant Smith

7th Place:  Liam Daniello

8th Place:  Jack Harris

9th Place:  Jayden Lahoti

10th Place:  Ella Hengelsberg

Honorable Mention: William McKenna

In November and early December, the students had the opportunity to sign up for the competition with their Social Studies teacher or the GATE teacher.  Students could use a geography website, library resources, or prior Geography Bee questions to prepare for the competition.  During the competition, Mrs. Deal and Mrs. Batykefer read the instructions and questions to the participating students.  Students had a question from each of the seven rounds.  The final competition of 10 finalists was held at the end of the day with the champion decided through a championship round with the top two students.  All of the students did a fabulous job and this year it was a very competitive setting in the final rounds!