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Students Learn More about Holocaust

Holocaust Project/Students Students Research the Holocaust

(Gibsonia, PA) In advance of International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Sunday, January 27, 2019, eighth-graders at Pine-Richland Middle School have been reading the names of Holocaust survivors at the end of their classes all week.

Eighth-grade Honors English Teacher Mario Oliverio and his students wanted to do something in remembrance.

“This was a chance for the students to read the names of victims to honor their sacrifices,” Mr. Oliverio said.

The readings were the culmination of an eighth-grade Holocaust unit. Students researched the Holocaust, read stories such as “The Diary of Anne Frank,” and then focused on a topic down for presentation purposes. Some students narrowed their work down to timelines, while others looked at the staggering statistics from the Holocaust.

 “We didn’t realize just how many victims there were,” said eighth-grader Jack Mill, who worked with eighth-graders Emma Westerhoff and Kyleigh Hughes on studying concentration camps.

Students put together well-thought out presentations, which involved creating displays that contained pictures, graphs, and maps. They then presented shared the presentations near their displays in the entrance and library hallway.

Seventh-grade students were invited to listen to the presentations by the eighth-graders.