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Review Updates Regarding Student Meals & Policies

Student Eating LunchImportant Food Service Updates
Pine-Richland School District Food Services is incorporating some new changes when it comes to meal account balances. The changes are the result of new requirements under the PA School Code. The district updated its Food Services Policy 808 to reflect requirements and include:
  • Schools must provide a school meal to each student, regardless of whether the student has money to pay for the meal or has a negative balance in his/her school meal account (unless a student's parent/guardian has specifically provided notice to withhold a school meal). You can send a written request or complete this online form

  • Meals served to students will not be removed or exchanged as a result of an overdrawn meal account or free/reduced status The student will be permitted to have the items without discussion. The meal and/or items will be charged to the child’s account.
  • Students will not be reminded at the register of current balance. Students may request their balance from the cashier. All balance notifications will be sent directly to a parent/guardian’s email on file or a letter will be mailed to a parent/guardian’s address on file.

  • In the event that a student’s meal account is over a negative balance of $50.00 and three email and/or letter attempts have been made to collect the debt without response, the district may use a third party collection agency to complete the collection process.
Other Important Points
  • Parents/guardians are responsible to monitor & keep student meal accounts funded at all times.
  • A free online account can be set up to monitor student balances & to request automatic low balance email reminders.
  • If you are unable to pay for meals, please for information regarding the free & reduced meal program.
Sodexo oversees the PRSD Food Service Program.
End-of-Year Account Balances
  • Letters will be provided weekly and during the last week of school if a student’s meal account has a negative balance.
  • If a positive balance is left in a student’s account at end of school year, that balance will carry over into next year.
  • All monies owed must be paid in full prior to graduation. Fill out the“Closing a Meal Account” form and provide payment to the PR Food Service Department prior to the end of June. Funds can be transferred to another student, donated or refunded.


2018-19 Meal Prices

Breakfast $1.25
Elementary $2.35
Daily Lunch
Elementary $3.00
RAM Meal
Secondary $2.60
Daily Lunch
Secondary $3.25
RAM Meal