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Congratulations to the Class of 2020

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On June 5, 2020, Pine-Richland seniors finally got the chance to celebrate all of their accomplishments through the live streaming of graduation over PRTV and the internet. 

The ceremony started out with members of the Pine-Richland Band performing “Pomp and Circumstances.” Principal Nancy Bowman then took the virtual stage to talk about the amazing accomplishments of the class of 2020. 

She started her speech off by talking about one bulletin board, in particular, that has been hanging up throughout the year that contains little pieces of paper that start with the phrase “I am.” The senior class was asked to finish the phrase at the beginning of the year and then they were hung up on the wall for the whole year and Mrs. Bowman could not bring herself to take the bulletin board down because she said she “saw words and phrases on those papers like set on getting better grades, a great friend, then I saw the word resilient. 

Resilience is one of our shared values at Pine-Richland and we have talked about this and our other values many times over our four years together.” Mrs. Bowman had nothing but nice things to say about the class of 2020, and how she is so very proud of everything they have overcome. She addresses them by saying “You are resilient, you have adapted during this challenging time and built on your personal strengths to overcome any adversity. Thank you for being resilient. Your ability to drive and push yourself to stay focused on courses, stay focused on learning, your ability to push yourself to prepare for such things as AP exams, your ability to support your friends and families during their challenges. Your ability to be positive and excited about what your future holds. Thank you for that.” She wrapped up her speech by congratulating them on all of their accomplishments and telling them how proud she is to be associated with this class. She said “I want you to know that we are PR Family and I am honored to be your principal. I am proud of you and I am a better person because I know you. Congratulations class of 2020. We are PR Family.”

The next key speaker was Tertiary Jack Carnovale. He had some very insightful things to say within his speech. He started his speech off with many thanks to a lot of people for helping him to be where he is today.

“I first want to say thank you to my parents, siblings, and teachers for guiding me along the way to this moment, your support means everything,” said Jack. “Friends, family, teachers, neighbors, teammates, or classmates are the people that gave life to our school experience. Most people I talked to during quarantine would say how they missed school and immediately followed with I miss my friends. When it’s one person or 20 we all have people in our lives that have greatly impacted us.” 

He shared his appreciation of what Pine-Richland has brought him over these past four years whether it was his education or the social aspect. He said, “School is more than just a place to learn it is somewhere to be together with students and teachers alike.” 

Jack then handed the mic to the Salutatorian Justin Waltrip. Justin talked about how he was very grateful for his time at Pine Richland even if it did not end the way he or his class anticipated in his speech.

“I can honestly say without the amazing support from all of my teachers and especially my parents that I would not be speaking to you today,” he said. “When we left on March 13th, none of us thought that we would be leaving the high school building for the last time.” 

He mentioned his excitement for the future and what the future holds.

“As we bring the next chapter of our lives I’m excited to see how these shared experiences affect the way that we interact with the world,” said Justin. “Let us be the class that challenges modern expectations and lays the foundation for change. I’m confident and even hopeful that we won’t return to normal but rather we’ll build on what we’ve learned and moved forward.”

The next key speaker was Valedictorian Daniel Krill. 

“Right now we are primarily markers of success for other people to feel proud of. Like Jack and Justin said, no one is here entirely because of their own merit,” said Daniel. “Each of us could have been born in North Allegheny or a village in Algeria and could have been molded into completely different people. But here we are, today, graduates of Pine Richland High School with our coaches, our teachers, our friends, our family. Today is about them and who they have loved into existence.” 

Teacher Andy Dugger was selected as the faculty speaker.

“So what will you be remembered for?  That might sound a bit cliche and you’ve heard it before, said Mr. Dugger. “ There have been many numerous wonderful speeches. But think about it, doesn’t it make you realize how important our time is together, your actions, your stories, your interactions. Sometimes you only have a few chances to truly impact someone and leave a mark on them. So were you able to do that in your time at PR? I would say yes. You have left an indelible impression upon us all in some way and I do mean that positively. I know through your time with us here that there have been many good times."