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Virtual Map Showcases plans of Seniors after Graduation

virtual map

A virtual map was released showcasing the plans of graduating seniors and where they intend to go after high school.

Seniors Bayli Clack and Grace Neff created this virtual map to share the plans of each graduating student. This interactive map of destinations allows visitors to see all the different colleges, universities, employment, militray brances, and trade schools that the graduates of the PR class of 2021 are going to. Visitors to the online map can click upon each college/ destination individually to see who is going to each location. 

In years past, students from each graduating class created a physical map to depict where each graduating student was going after graduation. Due to the pandemic, the virtual map was created to allow anyone to view it at any time. 

Feel free to check out the Pine-Richland Class of 2021 Virtual Map here.