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Team Earns Top Awards

Dance TeamThe 2021-2022 Pine-Richland High School Dance Team participated in the Universal Dance Association Home Technique Summer Team Camp and received several awards, including qualifying for the UDA National Competition.  The team was unable to attend a camp at the UDA Camp at Towson University due to the COVID-19 cancelation. At the camp hosted at PRHS, the girls learned innovative choreography, attended daily technique classes, participated in team-building activities, and were judged on their Home Team competition routine.  Two certified Universal Dance Association instructors worked with the Pine-Richland Dance team at the home team camp.   The team/members received the following awards:

  • Team blue ribbon and a superior rating for their home team dance.  Blue ribbons and superior ratings are the highest honor.  This honor qualified the Team for the UDA Nationals in early 2022.
  • Senior captains Amelia Baileys, Gianna Reighard, and Angelena Seman all achieved the honor of “UDA Varsity Spirit All-American Award” for excellence in the All-American Dance Competition.  They are invited to perform in the Varsity Spirit Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade in Honolulu, Hawaii in December 2021 and the Varsity Spirit Spectacular Parade and Orlando Thanksgiving Tour at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, in November 2021.
  • All Pine-Richland Dance Team members received blue ribbons (highest honor) for their two new routines taught and performed at camp.  The routines were pom and kick.  

Pine-Richland Dance Team and Coach Kathy Deal received the “Squad Credentialing Award”.  This was presented in recognition of active participation in and completion of the Varsity Spirit Summer Camp Dance Squad Credentialing Course for school dance teams.  This was developed in conjunction with the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and provides leadership training, safety awareness, proper technique, and progressions, as well as specialized training in the five traditional roles of a spirit leader, ambassador, athlete, performer, role model, and spirit raiser.