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PR Choir Writes Letters From Santa

Delivering Magic To Children One Word At A Time

By Brooke Deegan, Staff Writer for The Rampage

After school on Tuesday, December 13, 55 members of the PR Choir, led by Mr. Rickard and Miss Flora, came together to create letters from Santa for the children of the district. The volunteer helpers had the ability to become Santa Claus for a lovely two hours and pump out multiple letters that were in response to the Christmas Wish Lists each child wrote for the jolly man himself. 

“I decided to do the Santa letters because of the joy I knew I would’ve felt had I gotten a letter like that when I was little,” said Ariella Ruediger.

Parents of believing children paid $5 to order a letter that was customized for their child specifically and seemingly written by Santa Claus. Each child had a sheet that their parent(s) wrote for them that included their biggest accomplishments of the year, what they want for Christmas, their siblings/pet names and their hobbies. This information assisted the students in crafting a personal, sincere letter for each wishful kid. 

Abigail Fuller said, “I really enjoyed being able to create something for these kids. The thought that I could bring some happiness to the two girls I wrote for makes me feel great.” 

Once each letter was completed, the author of it, or “Santa Claus,” would email it to one of the seniors in the choir, who would edit it with adorable winter borders and backgrounds and print it out. The final products of the letters were definitely astounding, as every one was so heartfelt and smile-inducing. Parent volunteer helpers folded up the printed and designed letters which the students wrote and safely enclosed them in envelopes for the children so that the letters would be able to venture from Santa Claus Lane all the way to the homes of PR kids! 

While writing the letters, students sat in groups with their friends and bounced ideas off of one another. Though each student was assigned to writing letters for different children, and it was not really a group activity, the members of the PR Choir read over each other’s letters and gave plenty of helpful and extremely cute suggestions that surely added more color to them. And in addition to the help of friends and peers, the overall atmosphere was beneficial to the process of writing Santa’s letters, too. There was soft Christmas music floating around the room and motivational (and delicious) Christmas cookies and treats as well, which boosted and lifted the spirits of the hard-at-work writers. 

“The atmosphere made me feel good,” said Megan Thel. “And the cookies helped me feel more like Santa!” 

Christmas is undoubtedly one of the most endearing times of year, and every little child who celebrates this holiday deserves to feel the magic and joy that is embedded within it. The PR Choir put their time into making these letters from Santa in hopes of enchanting Christmas even more for these wonderful kids, and dream that when the children finally obtain their letters, they will be as ecstatic and jolly as they once were whenever the now-writers of the letters were the receivers. The students were able to carry on Christmas spirit and tradition by delivering magic to the children one word at a time. 

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