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10th Grade Honors English Students Host Poetry Jam

Mrs. Harshman's 10th grade honors English class hosted their annual poetry jam in honor of National Poetry Month on April 27.

Students performed dramatic readings of poems and songs ranging from Shel Silverstein to Taylor Swift. This special one-day event was emceed by Crew Fenton and Blake Fuchs and featured special guest Rammy and a three-person band.

The Poetry Jam is designed to help students visualize poetry as performance on paper, view poetry as important, see poetry as art and learn that songs are a form of poetry. The Honors English 10 poetry unit challenges students to publicly demonstrate their understanding of poetry through performance, helping them to acquire critical thinking skills via verbal and non-verbal communication, problem solving, cooperative learning, communication and evaluation, and reflection and synthesis. 

Students interested in competitive performance poetry on the Forensics Speech and Debate teams should contact Mrs. Harshman.   

collage of students performing poetry