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Student Assistance Team Provides Help

The Pine-Richland High School Student Assistance Team visited all English classrooms this week.  The team talked about what it means to be a responsible reporter and provided the students with bookmarks to serve as a reference. The bookmarks provide the names of counselors, psychologists and other adults who can help if someone is having a crisis or knows of someone else who needs help. 
In addition the bookmarks list resources for students if they are having troubles outside the school day.
While the holidays can be a time to spend with family and friends, it can also be a time of stress for others. You can download a bookmark and keep handy by clicking here.
The Student Assistance Program, known as SAP, is made up of a group of professional staff members who have received training to assist students in dealing with behaviors that create barriers to learning and interfere with their academic performance as well as their social, physical and mental development.