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Students Gain Insight about Careers in Pharmacy

SIM Pine-Richland High School students in the Anatomy, AP Biology and AP Chemistry classes got an up-close look at careers in pharmacy.  This was not your ordinary presentation.  The University of Pittsburgh brought the experts who launched an interactive simulation that enabled students to work with a patient. The simulator is known as SimMan. SimMan allows students to experience clinical scenarios.

In this case, SimMan was having a heart attack. Students must diagnose and prescribe medication. SimMan actually blinks, perspires and seizes. Students even witnessed a reaction to the wrong medication being prescribed in the simulation. 

Prior to the simulation, University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy experts provided a look at what careers options students have if complete the pharmaceutical program.

Teachers Kathy Thomas, whose students attended the program, were encouraged by the presentation, because it provided students with an opportunity to explore other careers in the medical field beyond being a nurse or doctor.

“We’re trying to bring career information to students,” Thomas said. “It is interesting for them to see.”SIM

Some of the experts in attendance included Dr. James Coons, an associate professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Paharmacy; Lawrence Koblunsky, an instructional development specialist; and Pitt students Julianna Slomer, and Kimberly Landsittel.

Director of College and Career Counseling Jean Whalen was instrumental in bringing the program to PRHS.

This is the second year, the University of Pittsburgh experts presented to students.