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HS Hosts Poetry Jam

Poetry Jam celebrates another successful year


The Pine-Richland High School Poetry Jam has always been an event that shakes up the sometimes routine happenings at PR. Students from across the English department recite, sing, or even shout their poems, some written by a poet or, for the more brave, themselves.

Whether students presented a dark and gloomy poem, upbeat song lyrics, or even a comedic poem about the voracious appetite of a polar bear invading a fridge, there is room for every type of student, and any type of poem.

The main idea about the jam, focused on the question, “What is Poetry?” Students’ definitions are played on a slideshow on projectors, while Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” serenaded the audience between poems and at the beginning while the audience filled in the room.

The event took place during the first period and 10th period of the day in the STEAM LGI with a full audience of students and teachers.

This year was PR’s fifth annual Poetry Jam, and featured nine different students including senior Alec Swartout, juniors Charleigh Hirschoff and Grace Johnson, and sophomores Ximena Gonzalez, Sarah Heckman, and Jay Fowler. If you love poetry, be sure to come to next year’s celebration of all things poetry.