Message from Superintendent

Message from Superintendent
April 9, 2019
Greetings to PRSD Students, Staff, and Families,
As we prepare for spring break, we have several important strategic updates about the district and the opportunity to highlight a specific group of girls that illustrate the Spotlight on Excellence theme for this year.
Calendar Logistics:
For clarity and reinforcement, I want to begin with a reminder about April 22nd. This is a staff in-service day. STUDENTS DO NOT HAVE SCHOOL ON APRIL 22ndFor background information purposes only, this professional development day for staff does "count" as a student day of school toward the annual requirements.
Strategic Update:
In last month's update, I shared information about the strategic planning process for 2019 - 2023. Both the PRSD Strategic Plan and the Pennsylvania Department of Education Comprehensive Plan have been completed. These documents are available for public review. The PRSD Strategic Plan is organized into five categories. Each category contains a set of four-year long-term goals. Each long-term goal is then broken into a set of annual short-term actions. As one example of this concept, I have included a sample from the Teaching and Learning category of the plan that aligns with our in-depth program review process. The study and implementation phases of this work is the primary approach used to improve educational programs and services.
Teaching _ Learning_ Strategic Planning
As an update of our current strategic plan, we provide quarterly updates of "key" initiatives. We designate an initiative as "key" when it has significant impact on our staff, students and/or budget. Please invest a few minutes reviewing the current progress on these key initiatives.
Spotlight on Excellence:
We have been intentional this year in highlighting examples of excellence. The SciGirls are a group of middle school and high school students who entered the Chain Reaction Contraption Contest. This engineering-based competition is patterned after the Rube Goldberg cartoons that involve a multiple step invention working to solve a task. This competition is sponsored by Westinghouse Electric Company in cooperation with the Carnegie Science Center. This year's task was to "tie a knot" with a contraption that used at least 20 steps and lasted at least 30 seconds. Mrs. Rogus, PRHS physics teacher, is the volunteer sponsor of the group. They invested countless hours in the design and improvement of their device (see photo). Through this competition, the team exhibited so many characteristics of learning that are valued at Pine-Richland. In fact, this competition itself is a real-life application of our vision graphic (see photo). We are proud to announce that the team made the finals of the competition. Even better, this experience gave them an opportunity to develop many of the skills and characteristics that apply to life (e.g., teamwork, problem-solving, communication, creativity, attention to precise requirements, and fun)! Mrs. Rogus reports that they logged over 60 hours after school on more than 20 days. These areas tie directly into the PR Graduate Portrait concept that was introduced in my message last month and integrated into the PRSD Strategic Plan for 2019 - 2023.
Sci Girls
Thank you again for your support and commitment to the Pine-Richland School District. 

Brian Miller