Hance Elementary

Focused on Learning for Every Student Every Day

Update from Principal

Dear Hance Families,
As we enter the week ahead, I wanted to communicate regarding our goals and themes for the first week of school. Although this has been an unconventional start to the year, we will continue to focus on learning for every student every day. This week will be no different for our Hance students. Throughout the week, we will be focusing on developing positive, appropriate relationships, rules, routines, and procedures, and understanding how to be resilient through active student engagement with the infusion of literature and classroom activities. Developing relationships will be our first area of focus as students enter Eden Hall on Tuesday morning.
During our opening in-service days last week with teachers, one of my goals was to learn more about the staff and why they became educators. Through our conversations, I discovered that many of the Hance staff developed a passion for teaching from a young age while others were inspired to start through a second career because of their desire to help others and engage with students. Reflect back for a moment and think about your favorite teacher when you were in school. What made them your favorite? Was it the relationship you developed with them that inspired you to learn or follow a dream? We know that our students learn best when they have positive, appropriate relationships and role models in their lives.
I wish my teacher knew...
Finally, on Tuesday, August 28th, our goal is for your child to begin a year long journey with the classmates and teacher that fosters a love for learning. Our hope is for them to begin building relationships with their peers and teachers. One book that we share with staff is “I Wish My Teacher Knew” by Kyle Schwartz. Her book provides detailed strategies and activities for various situations that teachers may encounter with a positive approach to building relationships that will inspire students to be motivated and love coming to school. 
Prior to students arriving to school on Tuesday, we want you to ask your child, “What do you wish your teacher knew about you?” Maybe your child wants their teacher to know their favorite color, their favorite snack, a sport they enjoy, a special pet or vacation. Talk to them about this in a positive light, and we will expand upon this with them throughout the next week. We will use the phrase, “I wish my teacher knew” and engage students in icebreaker activities that will help them introduce themselves to their teachers as well as learn about their peers.  
We are eager to greet our students on Tuesday morning, and look forward to learning more about them throughout this opening week!
Greta Kuzilla
Hance Principal