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Building Update

September 4, 2018
Dear Parents of Hance Elementary Students,
The purpose of this reminder communication is to provide clear information about the Hance building conditions, remediation actions, and also a tentative timeline for next steps. Please take some time to carefully review this entire letter.
As a reminder, we are holding an optional parent meeting on Wednesday, September 5th, at 6:30 p.m. in the Hance Elementary gymnasium. The gym is air-conditioned. The purpose of this meeting is to review air quality test results and explain the factors that would allow the transition. A representative of Intertek-PSI will provide information. PRSD staff will then review the transition process and arrival-dismissal procedures at the Hance campus. The parent presentation will be posted to the Hance website later tomorrow tonight. We know that some parents have a conflict with other district or family events.
Given the potential number of attendees and limited parking spaces at Hance, we organized a shuttle service to help with overflow parking. Consolidated Communications has permitted the use of their parking lot. We will have two school buses running a shuttle between Consolidated Communications and Hance beginning at 6:05 p.m. Please carpool if possible and see the diagram below for more information:
Shuttle Map
The re-insulation process for chilled water lines should be completed by Wednesday. Once complete, the air conditioning will be restored to the classroom sections of the building. We anticipate restoring air conditioning on Wednesday afternoon to prepare the building for students. The most recent air quality tests were conducted this morning. We expect results from the most recent tests by Wednesday morning.
As described last week, we developed an efficient and effective procedure to transition materials from Eden Hall to Hance. On the last afternoon at Eden Hall, each student will have their own “packing box” with teacher name and student first name. Under teacher direction, each 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade student will organize his/her school materials, textbooks, journals, pencil boxes, etc. into a box similar to what they would do on a daily basis with their desk or locker. Students will not be asked to carry things. They will only organize their school items. After students are dismissed on that last afternoon, the box will be sitting at their desk/table seat. Staff will then manage the transfer of those boxes from Eden Hall to Hance. When students arrive at Hance the next morning, they will have their box - that they packed - sitting at their regular Hance desk. The teachers will then guide unpacking. Pending results, this transition of materials could occur as early as tomorrow (i.e., Wednesday afternoon).
Thank you again for your understanding and cooperation.
Brian R. Miller, Ed.D.
Greta Kuzilla
Hance Principal

Gary Zang
Director of Facilities Management