Mental Health Resources for Families

June 7, 2021
It is time to EXHALE! The 2020-2021 school year is coming to an end (congratulations to the Class of 2021!) and the sunny days of summer are ahead of us. It’s time to hit reset!
This year, both at home and at school, we were faced with adversity, isolation, and grief. But we also continued to foster growth putting one foot in front of the other in support of our community’s mental health and well-being. As we head into summer, we need to continue to come together as a community and encourage Resiliency and Mental Health Awareness in our children, family, colleagues, and neighbors.
We encourage all students, family members, and staff to take time to reflect on and review the PR Graduate Portrait and focus on the 5’s Rs of Resiliency:
  1. Reassure - We are not alone, we are doing the best we can, and we can encourage a growth mindset.
  2. Routine - Continue to have a schedule and routine during the summer months, maintain healthy nutrition, and practice good hydration as water is a natural way to regulate stress and flush stress hormones from our systems.
  3. Rest - Encourage good sleep routines, rest your eyes, shut down technology, practice stress management/mindfulness, safely enjoy the outdoors, and take time to be present.
  4. Recreation and Role Models - Engage in physical activity/exercise on a daily basis, encourage participation in peer support groups, activities with friends, remember to laugh (it releases endorphins), engage in activities with family and friends (games, hikes, picnics together). As trusted adults, serve as a role model with your own self-care, calm behavior, and model positive attitude. Use a “can do” problem-solving approach. (10 Self-Care Activities)
  5. Reach Out and Refer - We need to recognize any change in behavior that may suggest an increased need for mental health support services. We have a growing mental health crisis among our young people, including an alarming rise in youth suicide. Mental health support and resources look different for each person (Mental Health Resources for Children, Youth, and Young Adults in Allegheny County)
While school is out of session for summer break, the mental health services we provide continue. Below you will find information on the resources available to both parents and students over the summer months: 
Emotional Health & Well-Being
Psychological Supportive Services
Over the summer months, our psychologists are available for additional resources and/or questions. Dr. Taylour Kimmel, school psychologist (K-6), Dr. Missy Ramirez, school psychologist (7-12); and Dr. Maura Paczan, Lead Psychologist District-Wide, can be reached at 724-443-7230, ext. 6500.  
School-Based Mental
Health Counseling
Students in grades K-12 can continue to access outpatient mental health services throughout the summer months - both in school buildings and through telehealth through the district’s partnership with Holy Family Services. New intakes for outpatient referrals can be completed by contacting either your school counselor and/or Holy Family Services at 412-766-9020, ext. 1222.
Grief Resources (K-12)
Pine-Richland continues to have a partnership with The Highmark Caring Place to provide support, grief resources and materials, consultation services, educational training, and peer support groups. The Caring Place continues to offer resources and support over the summer months. (About Us — Locations/Warrendale Region)
Crisis Center North
The district has a partnership with Crisis Center North to provide support to our students and families counseling services and supports who experienced trauma and/or violence. 
Additional Resources for Families
The Pennsylvania Department of Education has a list of Resources to Support Families who may be facing financial difficulties (Food Resources, Child Care, Shelters, Unemployment Compensation, Utility Assistance, Medical Assistance, and Internet Safety).