Mental Health Month & Resources

May is Mental Health Awareness Month!
At Pine-Richland, we continue to foster growth and empower our students to build resiliency. We are committed to promoting the mental health and wellness of all students, staff, parents, and community members.
Prior to the pandemic, our youth have struggled with stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, and suicidality, and the stress of COVID-19 has exacerbated these mental health conditions. Additionally, social media has played a major role in triggering mental health concerns. With the concerning increase in youth identified with mental health needs, it is estimated that less than half have access to the necessary resources, while families continue to struggle with navigating the available supports.
The Pine-Richland school community is collaborating with community-based mental health partners to broaden the understanding of resiliency, protective factors, risk factors/warning signs, and the continuum of mental health resources available to our students and families. We encourage you to review the workshop held on April 26, 2022, Understanding Mental Health and Wellness - Navigating Services for Students and Families via a Continuum of Support: Promoting Wellness and Mental Health, as well as a video from the Mayo Clinic on how to talk to your teens about suicide: Teen Suicide Prevention. Lastly, our Peer 2 Peer group and high school counselors will be celebrating Wellness Wednesdays during lunch through the month of May: Mental Health Awareness Month and Wellness Wednesdays at the high school.
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