Construction Update: Progress in February



Updated Construction Photos                               

February 2011
Crews are conducting excavating work on the Pine-Richland High School Expansion project. Excavation work is being conducted inside the fence in front of the high school. Crews will then focus on the underground electricity and plumbing
and concrete foundation work through February.

March - April 2011
In March, the steel will arrive and crews will begin work with putting up the steel.  In the meantime, crews will excavate and fill the area behind the high school which will be the academic addition. Steel should arrive for this area sometime in April. HVAC work is expected to be started at this time.

Very Few Disruptions
We're pleased to report that disruptions in this construction project will be kept to a minimum.Students can expect little disruption to the daily life. They may feel the vibrations during the time when crews compact the soil. They will be able to hear the sound of crews erecting steel.

Ongoing/Construction Traffic
Crews have been meeting with the administration at least twice a month for updates. Due to the expansion project, you will notice an increase in construction traffic on the Pine-Richland High School campus during school hours.

What you won't see is heavy construction traffic during student drop-off and student dismissal times.

Be Alert
Nonetheless, student, parent and staff drivers and pedestrians should allow extra time and be alert while navigating the campus at all times, especially if dropping off student passengers.

Drivers should use extra caution, because trucks will be transporting excavation materials from the site and exiting on Warrendale Road. Please be alert and maintain a low speed on campus.

Off-road vehicles on campus are over-sized and will be used to transporting excavation materials to the multi-purpose athletic field adjacent to the tennis courts on campus.

Parking to Affect Staff
High School Staff and Central Administration Parking will be disrupted. Pleave view the map
to see the areas for concern.

Please check our expansion web page for ongoing updates.