Pine-Richland School District

Focused on Learning for Every Student Every Day

Message from the Superintendent

August 7, 2019
Greetings to Pine-Richland Students, Parents and Community,
As the calendar turns to August, we begin to feel the excitement, energy and perhaps even a touch of nervousness at the start of the new year. The back-to-school sales seem to begin earlier every year. The custodial and maintenance staff are preparing the buildings. School administrators and staff are finalizing schedules. The hiring process is almost complete for a variety of staff positions. Marching band camp began on August 5th. Fall sports at the varsity level begin on August 12th. We share your excitement!
Effective communication is a critical focus at Pine-Richland. Over the next few weeks, a significant amount of information is shared via the website, eBlasts and through building-based orientations. One great feature of the website is the ability to customize your calendar view to see events scheduled for each building. Click on “event calendar” on the main landing page and then select the buildings or departments that are relevant for you. Each school also plans face-to-face activities and orientation sessions to allow students the opportunity to visit prior to the first day of school. Special events are planned for students new to the district. For both students at the secondary level and parents, please remember that Home Access is a great source of information – including the ability to view learning progress in the classroom – as a reference. A digital back-to-school toolkit is available to help strengthen awareness and readiness.
Developed four years ago and affirmed for the next four years, our mission to “focus on learning for every student every day” is the ultimate motivation. With 4,600 students from the age of 5 to 21 in our schools, the challenge of “every” is significant. A brief podcast that summarizes the mission, vision and values is available here. We are committed to continuous improvement and excited to begin forming relationships with every student as we start the 2019 – 2020 school year.
When I first arrived at Pine-Richland in 2013 and met with a series of focus groups, the themes that emerged from those sessions generally centered on the following opportunities: (1) Clear Direction; (2) Effective Communication; and (3) Collaboration of Key Stakeholders. Strategic plan design and implementation are two examples of “the way we now do things” that solidly address those opportunities. The road map for 2019 – 2023 has been set. Over the course of the year, we will share information and progress updates on key initiatives. These areas of focus – such as the in-depth program review process – are having a direct impact on the courses, content and resources used to support student learning. The educational programming at Pine-Richland is truly shaped and revised through these intentional strategic actions.
In next month’s update, you will hear more information about three key areas (i.e., RAMS Way, PR Graduate Portrait, and the Pursuit of Excellence). Until then, best wishes for a great start to the year!
Brian Miller