Message from the Superintendent

January 3, 2020
Greetings to Pine-Richland Students, Staff, Parents and the Community,
As we begin the new year (and decade), my monthly message will take a new form. You are invited to participate in the PR Graduate Portrait Challenge! It is a voluntary opportunity for each student, parent, staff or community member. Before getting to the challenge portion of the message, it is important to reinforce the main concepts of the PR Graduate Portrait. First, it is not just for seniors! The four dimensions apply to all of us. They emerged during the strategic planning process as we discussed the fact that a quality education includes more than knowledge and skills. This image reflects the four major domains: knowledge; skills; health & wellness; and personal qualities & characteristics. More importantly, the four main categories reflect the well-rounded expectations of a quality educational experience.
We can now get to the challenge! The focus for January is Health & Wellness. Each member of the PRSD community can opt-in by clicking the link on the bottom of this message. The opt-in is a personal commitment to focus on a range of specific topics in the Health & Wellness dimension. These topics were identified last year by students, staff, and parents. They also align with recommendations contained in the Health & Physical Education Program Review (see image at end of message). 
PR Graduate Portrait
Health & Wellness Commitment*
  • Sleep: 7-to-9 hours (more for middle school / high school). This topic fits with the district shift in school start times.

  • Exercise: 3 or more times per week. The frequency, intensity, time and type of exercise will vary by person. It can be as simple as a brisk walk, yoga class or visit to an exercise facility.

  • Hydration: Movement toward the 8 x 8 rule (eight ounces of water eight times per day). Although this is the general recommendation, a good start is to be intentional about how hydration and water are healthy for the body.

  • Nutrition: In general, a balance of the major food groups with a reduction in sugar is a great start. Smaller portions throughout the day help with metabolism. See this link for USDA MyPlate suggestions.

  • Screen Time: The amount of screen time should be determined by each family. We suggest a conversation and reflection of the current amount of screen time. Based on the current average per day, set a goal to reduce that time each week over the course of the month.

  • Stress Management and/or Mindfulness: Each of us experiences stress in our lives. There are many resources that offer suggestions. Consider the following link to help manage that stress and/or help us maintain focus. The important connection is that each of these other items – sleep, exercise, etc. – work together to promote overall wellness.

  • Go Outdoors: Our sixth graders and seniors shared the importance of spending some time outside. With so many devices and reasons to be inside (and the winter), it can be challenging to make time to be outside. On a winter walk, you can get outside, reduce screen time and exercise…multi-tasking for wellness!

  • Fun and Play: Our sixth graders also identified the importance of relaxation, fun and play. Part of the commitment is to ensure that each of us finds time to do what we enjoy. A family board game night is a chance to work on this area and power down!
*This commitment will vary by person. Depending on age and other health factors, the idea is to consider a range of ideas in the Health & Wellness dimension. If you accept this challenge, please click this link to input some basic information. The volunteers will receive a follow-up email later in the month to check on progress.
Finally, parents are invited to a stress, anxiety and mindfulness workshop on January 14th from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. in the Pine-Richland High School STEAM LGI. More information about this event was already sent via eBlast. Thank you for your support of the Pine-Richland School District. February will focus on the Skills dimension of the PR Graduate Portrait.
Brian Miller
P.S. If you are taking advantage of this opportunity, click here to access a reminder card. Print the PDF and cut into four reminder cards. Put a card on the fridge, at work, on the bathroom mirror, or any other place that serves as a good reminder.     
P.P.S. Find a health and wellness partner or small group. It is motivating to check in with someone and encourage each other.      
Health and Physical Education Department
“Empower students to develop habits of mind and body that support wellness throughout a lifetime.”
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