Message from the Superintendent

February Update from Superintendent

February and January Activities
February 5, 2020
Greetings to Pine-Richland Students, Staff, Parents and the Community,
In early January, we re-introduced the PR Graduate Portrait through a “Challenge” activity. We had 269 people accept the PR Graduate Portrait Challenge for Health & Wellness. The purpose of these communications is to introduce each of the four dimensions of the graduate portrait. Each month will focus on a new dimension.
In terms of Health & Wellness, here is a quick snapshot of the responses:
Survey Results
“I started an online course in positive psychology and a daily journal where I record 3 things for which I'm grateful in the morning and 3 things that went well at the end of the day. I listened extensively to podcasts over the course of 2019 related to mindset, mindfulness, and neuroplasticity. I'm focused on brain health. Stress is extremely detrimental on both physical and brain health and indicated in the 4 killers - heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and cancers. I made exercise, nutrition, and sleep non-negotiable items in my day.” (Parent)
“I was working on homework and feeling stressed about my science class in high school. I didn't know what to think! Then, coincidentally, two of my best friends rang the doorbell and asked if I wanted to come out sledding with them. There wasn't much snow, but we found two old boards under the shed, laid them down a steep hill, dusted them with snow, and blessed down them for hours. It felt so good to relax and just have fun outside. To manage stress, I usually listen to music of some kind, go outside, or play with something with my hands. I loved being a kid again outside with my friends. It was a nice break from my usual busy day.” (Student in Class of 2024)
“I eat less sugar because of this challenge.”(Student in Class of 2026)
Graduate Portrait
Our focus this month shifts to Skills. In addition to knowledge, there were a variety of skills identified last year by students, staff, parents and the community. When we talk to colleges/universities and businesses in our in-depth program review process, these very same skills are emphasized for prospective students and employees respectively. These fundamental skills and concepts can transfer from one class to another. They are used inside and outside of school as building blocks for a quality educational experience.
The Skills Challenge this month is for staff members to discuss these areas with colleagues. For our students and parents, we are asking that you have an intentional conversation (or set of conversations) about these areas at some point in the month of February. Parents can share how they use these skills at home or work and how some of the skills are interconnected. Students can talk about the areas they see as strengths and those areas that serve as opportunities for improvement.
·      Organization
·      Time Management
·      Research
·      Study Skills
·      Communication (Oral and Written)
·      Conflict Resolution
·      Teamwork
·      Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
·      Creativity & Novel Thinking
·      Balancing Life’s Activities
If you accept the challenge, please click on this link so that we can learn from you. You will be asked to share your name and email address. You will also be asked to rank order the skills and even suggest additional ideas.
Brian Miller