Update #39

PRSD COVID-19 Educational Model Update
October 6, 2020
Dear Students, Staff, and Parents/Guardians:
Your engagement has been important as we focus our attention on the Pine-Richland School District educational model and topics around COVID-19. An updated presentation was provided at the Pine-Richland School Board Planning meeting on October 5, 2020.
As we have done in the past for families who have not been able to participate in the meeting, we have captured the presentation via podcast. This podcast has important information regarding the educational model and the decision-making process. Please click on this link to view. You can download the PDF version of the document to review as well. While we understand that this will take a few minutes of your time, we believe providing the podcast allows families to hear a consistent message. It will also provide information about many frequently asked questions. 
In addition, we will begin a communication process this week that includes a brief COVID-19 update. These updates will be concise. They will be sent on Friday afternoon and will include concise information about the following: conditions, model, technology, FAQ responses, and success stories. 
Thank you for your support and commitment to the Pine-Richland School District.
Educational Model Update