January 2021 Newsletter

Posted by Jacob Minsinger on 1/18/2021

Focused on Learning for Every Student Every Day

PRMS Monthly Newsletter

Each month, I plan to publish a newsletter that will be sent out to parents. In each newsletter, you will find the following: 

  • Highlights of some of the activities and accomplishments at PRMS during the month
  • A section called Food for Thought that will give you suggested resources to review related to some aspect of having a middle school student.

 Building Highlight:

We wanted to highlight the hard work of our student government. While this has certainly been a unique year, Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Harris-Crowe have continued to meet with our student leaders, and the results have been amazing. In December, a few of our student government leaders posted a video reading Snowmen at Night by Carole Bruehner, which was passed on to be shown at our elementary schools. Even from a distance, PRMS students are still making a positive impact on our community.

Snowmen at Night  Snowmen at Night 1  Snowmen at Night 2

Food for Thought:

As we return to hybrid instruction on January 25th, we wanted to share a few tips for returning to our hybrid schedule.

  • Have your child update their planner. Marking the days when they will be in school and when they will be virtual along with whether it is an A week or a B week will help them get back into the routine of school.
  • While they are still virtual, have your child sit in a space that resembles a school environment like a kitchen table or a desk. If they are used to laying down during virtual learning, they may have a hard time finding the endurance to get through a day when they’re expected to sit up and move from class to class again.
  • Practice getting up at the regular time for starting school. Students may have gotten used to sleeping in a little bit because of virtual learning. Don’t let the first day back of in-school learning be a surprise by how early they have to get out of bed to make it to school on time.


Hybrid Learning